Why Blaxland?

Blaxland High School is committed to being a school of Excellence, Opportunity and Success.

Blaxland High School is a vibrant learning community for both students and teachers, where learning is characterised by intellectual quality, quality learning environments and significance of learning. There is a commitment to developing active, independent and collaborative learners who:

  • Are fluent in problem solving
  • Think logically, critically and creatively 
  • Are effective communicators who productively use technology
  • Show initiative 
  • Can manage their own learning now and into the future.
Our role at Blaxland High School, is to equip our students with the knowledge, values and skills necessary for them to succeed in a rapidly changing world.  In partnership with parent/carers and the community, we build on the work of our primary school partners and support our young people to flourish and transition successfully not only into future learning and employment opportunities, but also into their roles as family and community members and active and informed citizens. 
Underpinning the learning is support for the development of the emotional, mental, social and physical wellbeing of students. They will emerge with a sense of self-worth and resilience and be able to form and maintain healthy, respectful relationships with others.
Blaxland High School is characterised by a culture of continuous and sustained improvement in leadership, management, school capacities, educational outcomes and learning and teaching practice. Strategies such as reflection and analysis of research and evidence is employed to inform improvement in all aspects of the school. It is a school where staff pursue excellence by implementing best practice in the delivery of curriculum, providing opportunities for all students to engage  and experience growth and success  in school and in their learning.